Designed From The Ground Up

The Next G3Nertaion Gable Building was designed from the ground up to be a Light Deprivation/ Multi Energy screen greenhouse. Curtains are not an after thought or retrofi t into this structure,they are the purpose.

Strength and Flexibility

The Next G3N Gable rigid covered greenhouse is a commercial strength structure. Deigned to withstand heavy snow loads and high wind loads. Multiple standard widths including 30’ 41.5’ and 50’ it can also be engineered to any custom width up to 50”. Standard gutter heights of 12’ and 14’ give you the ample growing room

Complete Growing Systems

The Commercial Gable is not just offered as a greenhouse it is also offered as a complete growing system with options such as:


  • Double truss design integrates curtains while strengthen frame
  • Frame designed for a positive light deprivation seal even across gutter connects
  • Can be engineered for infinite widths to accommodate any sizing needs
  • Engineered for heavy snow loads Versatile design allows for multiple ventilation options
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